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A chalet and a house on a small private estate by the water

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L'Îlette au Pé ... Your private island and its two residences linked by a footbridge - 1/40
The main residence - 2/40
The main house dining room - 3/40
The kitchen of the main residence - 4/40
The main house lounge - 5/40
The bathroom of the main residence - 6/40
Solarium - 7/40
The master bedroom of the main residence on the second floor - 8/40
The balcony of the master bedroom on the second floor - 9/40
The main building on the Chenal du Moine - 10/40
The west side of the main residence - 11/40
The path that leads into the wooded part at the end of the island - 12/40
A construction designed to face floods without problems - 13/40
The dock for two boats - 14/40
The small south side channel seen from the footbridge - 15/40
The barrier on the footbridge that leads to the island - 16/40
Your access ground and its parking lot - 17/40
View of the Chenal du Moine - 18/40
An exceptional quality of life - 19/40
Channels to explore nearby - 20/40
Ice fishing around - 21/40
Varied winter sports - 22/40
The 3 season cottage and on the Moine channel on the east side of the island - 23/40
The house and the cottage seen from the Chenal du Moine - 24/40
The kitchen of the cottage - 25/40
One of the three bedrooms of the cottage - 26/40
The living room of the cottage - 27/40
The Chenal du Moine - 28/40
A high place of navigation - 29/40
A living environment out of the ordinary - 30/40
In the center of the Lake St-PeterArchipelago - 31/40
Spring sunset - 32/40
One of the many summer pleasures nearby - 33/40
The generous nature of the Lake St-Peter archipelago - 34/40
Sunrise in the Sorel Islands - 35/40
Nearby, the Maison du Marais trail - 36/40
Privileged access to the St. Lawrence River - 37/40
A paradise for bird watchers - 38/40
The port town of Sorel Tracy a few kilometers away - 39/40
Lake St-Peter Archipelago - 40/40
Asking Price
$450 000
Asking Price
$450 000


2 Bedrooms

On your private island, a house and a chalet on 2400 square meters of nature and the outdoors. You are close to the peaceful village of Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel while taking advantage of its advantages and also of the sanitary services. The small domain is connected by a footbridge of around thirty meters to your private land and its large parking lot. asphalt. The short dead end road that leads you there ensures privacy and tranquility.

The main residence is nothing ordinary, it is of recent construction and offers a panoramic view of the Chenal-du-Moine, the the St. Lawrence-River and its islands. Why not make it your vacation spot to live an experience like no other in this haven of peace and discover the diversity of the Lake-St-Peter Archipelago whatever the season.

The chalet is completely renovated and equipped, everything is there: appliances, accessories, bedding, furniture etc. You will be able to receive your relatives and friends there or receive an income from short-term rental in AirB & B style or as a bed and breakfast.

Difficult to describe a unique site, visit: you will find a full and detailed description of the smallest island in the Lake-St-Peter Archipelago:   LÎlette au Pé

Good visit!

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Grégoire Bastien



Province: Quebec
Region: Monteregie
City: Ste-Anne-de-Sorel
Closest ski resort:-
Distance from ski resort:-
Nearest Body of Water:Lake St-Peter
Waterfront: Yes
Other Town/Lake/Area:Sorel Tracy
Note: The islet at Pé is connected by a footbridge of around thirty meters to your private land and its large parking lot.

Asking Price
$450 000
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